Icelandic Movements (Music and video works)

My aim is to create music inspired from movements in the nature, as an investigation of music and movement,
Finding interesting places that speak to me, I have recorded a series of videos, and composed musical pieces inspired by the movements of these places, as a way to let the nature speak.
The method is inspired by my background in traditional folk music and dance. Here you will find a subtle interaction between the music and movements on the dancefloor.
A good musician can interpretate the movements and let the music influence instantly when playing the piece as a mutual inspiration between music and dance. This awareness brings a special nerve and life to the music.
Icelandic Movements Solo EP
1. Rain
2. Waves
3. Smoke
4. Inside the smokehouse
5. Seagulls
6. Hey Horses (Live)
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Video works
Recorded in Ólafsfjörður, Northern Iceland.

Icelandic Movements LIVE

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