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Kétpeti Band + Nicolaj Wamberg


Kétpeti Band is a collaboration with the Hungarian trio Kétpeti Zenekar. Originating in our encounter at Méta Tabor in Karád, we have since 2018 been collaboration on playing interpretations of Hungarian Dance music for concerts and dance in Denmark and Hungary.

Contact me for info on concerts/workshops or booking.

Violin: Péter Hajas, Nicolaj Wamberg

Bratsch: Péter Terenyi

Kontrabas: Laszló Zsikai

Latest in 2021, we have performed as an extended version of the band with Zse Bálint and the dance instructor Dori Princzes at the Nordic Folk festival Musik over Præstø Fjord.

I have a strong relation to the Hungarian traditional music, which I have learned from Hungarian Village musicians visiting Kalotaszentkiraly and Mezöség in Transylvania several times, as well as through my one year exchange at the Liszt Academys folk department in Budapest in 2011.